The Alumni Engagement Tool With (near) Universal Appeal 


Finding a tool to attract and engage most all of your alumni can be a very tall order. Recent grads, GOLDs and emeritus alumni are all attracted by different types of alumni programs, based upon their needs and stage of life. Alumni professionals face a constant challenge of developing programs that will engage an alumni audience that is incredibly diverse demographically.

Because the corporate world faces similar issues with their own customer loyalty efforts, this white paper briefly outlines how nearly all for-profit loyalty programs use discounting as their primary engagement tool, and how and why those programs succeed.

However, alumni organizations have made similar attempts to mimic the corporate world's loyalty and engagement approach, but those efforts have seen limited success. The reasons for that lack of success are explained, and a unique cooperative solution is proposed.

Once this proposed solution is implemented, U.S. based alumni organizations will have a powerful new tool to attract and engage more of their alumni, and ultimately increase institutional giving.   

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